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Agnès Kedzierska Manzon

Agnès Kedzierska Manzon (PhD INALCO, Paris, 2006) is a sociocultural anthropologist interested in body practices as well as in material (corporeal, physical, verbal, auditory) aspects of ritual action. She has been conducting fieldwork among the Mande in West Africa (Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, and Guinea) since 1995. Her research focuses on the ethos and habitus of the traditional hunters, which she describes in her latest book “Chasseurs mandingues: violence, pouvoir et religion en Afrique de l’Ouest”, as well, as more generally, on the ritual practices of various types of Mande religious specialists (fetish-owners, healers, possession cult priests). The author of many articles, including “Humans and Things: Mande fetishes as subjects”, she has taught at George Washington University (Washington DC, US), at the Université Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès, as well at EHESS where she co-directed for two years (2012 – 2014) the seminar “The body and religion” (with J.-P. Albert). A research associate at the Smithsonian Institution (Washington DC), she is currently co-leading, with G. Rozenberg, a collective research program called “Religious languages: comparative and interdisciplinary approach to the power of words,” hosted by Université de Toulouse and sponsored through a grant from LabEx SMS.

Research Interests: Bodily Techniques, Material Culture, Ritual, Performance, Hunting, Oral Tradition, Power technologies, Subjectivation.



On Blood and Words: How Certain Objects Become Subjects Among the Mande