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Dionisios Kavadias

Dionisios Kavadias is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Virginia. His research builds on anthropological literature that pinpoints the intersection of kinship, agriculture, personhood, and the social life of ‘substance’ by taking an ethnographic look into the production, discourses, and uses of homemade olive oil in southwestern Greece. In particular, it bridges a Hellenic model of morality (that stresses boundary maintenance and ‘integrity’) to a well-traveled theory of kinship that stresses behavioral codes and the transmission of substance (especially through food-exchange). Kavadias studies how the production of family-made olive oil shifts between the domains of kinship-making and wealth-making to help us better comprehend the dynamic tensions between these two categories.

Research Interests: Kinship, Food, Agriculture, Nationalism; Greece; Public/Digital Scholarship


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