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Dorina Miller Parmenter

Dorina Miller Parmenter is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Spalding University. She earned her doctorate in Religion from Syracuse University with a dissertation titled “The Iconic Book: The Image of the Christian Bible in Myth and Ritual” in which she emphasized the Christian Bible as a material object rather than a text to be read. While most of Parmenter’s on-going research lies within Christian history, she is also involved in the Iconic Books Project, a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary collaboration with scholars of many different religious traditions who focus on the ritual uses of religious scripture. Parmenter is Vice-President for The Society for Comparative Research on Iconic and Performative Texts (SCRIPT). Her publications include an encyclopedia entry on “Material Scripture” for the The Oxford Encyclopedia for the Bible and Arts (in press), the article “Iconic Books from Below: The Christian Bible and the Discourse of Duct Tape,” and “A Fitting Ceremony: Christian Concerns for Bible Disposal” in the edited volume The Death of Sacred Texts: Ritual Disposal and Renovation of Texts in the World Religions.

Research Interests: Materiality of scripture, Bible rituals, Book history, Bible in American culture.

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