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Jane Garnett

Jane GarnettJane Garnett is a historian and art historian, who is a Fellow and Tutor of Wadham College, Oxford. She has published widely on intellectual, cultural and religious history, predominantly of the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries, but on gender and visual culture over a wider chronological span. From 2010-15 she has been a member of the Oxford Diasporas Program, working on a project on ‘Religious faith, space and diasporic communities in East London, 1880 to the present’. Recent publications related to this include: (co-edited with Alana Harris), Rescripting Religion in the City: Migration and Religious Identity in the Modern Metropolis; (co-edited with Sondra Hausner), Religion in Diaspora: Cultures of Citizenship; and (co-edited with Sunil Shah), Doh Mix Meh Up: Diaspora and Identity in Art (ODP, 2015). She and her co-author, Gervase Rosser, were joint winners of the 2014 ACE/Mercers’ Book Award, for their book Spectacular Miracles: Transforming Images in Italy from the Renaissance to the Present.

Research Interests: History of Christianity, Visual culture, Art and Social criticism, Gender, Philosophy.