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Marie-Pierre Julien

Marie-Pierre Julien is a lecturer in anthropology and sociology at the University of Lorraine, a member of the EA 3478 Laboratoire Lorrain de Sciences Sociales(2L2S) and affiliated to the UMR 7367 Dynamiques Européennes. Her work focuses on the anthropology of body and material cultures, including food culture. She published with J.-P. Warnier (1999) Corps à corps avec les objets ed. L’Harmattan, with C. Rosselin (2005) La culture matérielle ed. La Découverte, and Le sujet contre les objets… tout contre (2009) ed. CTHS. She is preparing issue 69 of Techniques & Culture (2018) with Olivier Wathelet and Lucie Dupré “Conserver, capitaliser, transporter la nourriture”. With Camille Adamiec and Faustine Régnier, she is coordinating (2018) L’alimentation à travers les saisons. La saisonnalité des pratiques alimentaires ed. PUR; and with Ingrid Volery an RS & A issue (2018-2) “How social time is built by bodies”.

Research Interests: Anthropology of Food; Material and Bodily Cultures; Matière à Penser working group


Material Culture and Construction of Subjects