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Raquel Romberg

Raquel Romberg is a socio-cultural anthropologist and folklorist. Romberg has done fieldwork among Puerto Rican healers (brujos and santeros) and conducted archival and media research on brujería (witch healing). She is the author of Witchcraft and Welfare: Spiritual Capital and the Business of Magic in Modern Puerto Rico (2003), and Healing Dramas: Divination and Magic in Puerto Rico (2009). In addition, her work on the modernity of witchcraft and magic, the poetics of ritual healing, creolization, and possession appeared in several edited volumes and journals. Raquel has taught anthropology at Temple University, Swarthmore College, and Tel Aviv University. Today, she is a research fellow at Tel Aviv University and one of the co-managing editors of Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft.

Research Interests: Ritual, Healing, Magic, Witchcraft, Mimesis, Performance, Senses, Creolization, Colonialism, Modernity, Globalization, Visual Anthropology, Puerto Rico, Afro-Caribbean, Latin America, African diaspora.


The Magic of Mimesis: A Historically Informed Anthropology of Sympathetic Magic and Contact