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Sandrine Ruhlmann

Sandrine Ruhlmann is a postdoctoral researcher in anthropology at the Centre d’anthropologie sociale (LISST, Toulouse). Her research, conducted between 2000 and 2015, focuses primarily on food practices among Mongolian nomadic herders. Sandrine studied food practices in relation to various concepts such as birth and death, and the sharing of food in domestic and festive spaces. She was apost-doctoral researcher at the Laboratoire d’anthropologie social (Collège de France, Paris), and is presently at the Centre d’anthropologie sociale (LISTT, Toulouse). Her monograph titled L’appel du bonheur: Le partage alimentaire mongol (The Call for Happiness: Mongolian Food Sharing) was published in 2015 in the collection Nord-Asie (CEMS-EPHE). Sandrine has published around twenty articles on different topics in French and international journals and edited volumes.

Research Interests: Material Culture, Techniques, Food Practices, Hospitality, Sharing, Religious Systems (Shamanism, Buddhism), Politics, Mongolia