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Uthara Suvrathan

Uthara SuvrathanUthara Suvrathan is Assistant Professor in Liberal Arts at Narsee Monjee University, Mumbai. She has a PhD in Anthropological Archaeology from the University of Michigan. Her research draws on both archaeological and textual material to examine the organization of polities and places on the margins of large socio-political systems and empires in south Asia. Currently she is working on two projects. The first involves an examination of colonial knowledge-gathering projects and its implications for an archaeological investigation of politico-economic landscapes and issues of place-making in early modern South India. The second is a longer archaeological investigation of pre-modern political systems and networks of interaction in South India and the wider Indian Ocean world. Suvarathan is currently working on her book titled “Persistent Peripheries: Archaeological and historical landscapes of an early city in peninsular India, 3rd c. BCE- 18th c. CE.”

Research Interests: Archaeology, South Asia, Landscapes and Space, Religion and Politics, Maps and Mapmaking



Tracing the Many Lives of Religious Structures