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We welcome articles, reviews, and experimental projects on any aspect of material religion:

  • Techniques and materials of rituals and practices
  • Affect, sensoriality, and aesthetics
  • Performance, embodiment, and space
  • Fabrication and architecture
  • Religious objects in museums and heritage sites
  • Religious economies, consumption, and commodification
  • Civil religion, nationalism and statehood
  • & More

For further information or to discuss possible contributions please contact Urmila Mohan ([email protected]); Courtney O’Dell-Chaib ([email protected]); or Rebecca Moody ([email protected]); or Alexandra Antohin ([email protected]).

Submission Guidelines 

  • Jugaad Post Template (Word Document)
  • Format: Word document.
    • Arial, 12 point, 1.5 line spacing. Word range of 1,500-4000. Appropriate endnotes and in-text citations must be included with a list of citations at the bottom of the post. It’s fine to create footnotes in a Word document, but please do not use MS Word’s footnote function. Insert them manually and re-order your footnotes as endnotes using lower case Roman numerals: [i] [ii] [iii] etc.
  • Images: Hi-res images (300-600 dpi preferably) should be attached to your email. Indicate in the word document where an image is to be inserted in the text. This can be done either with 1) a short text description mentioning the relevant image and file name or 2) by inserting a lower-resolution image. In either case, descriptive captions and accreditation should accompany each image. Note that in the final post, images can only be placed between paragraphs and not within the text.
  • Tags: 5-10 words that we may edit based on our existing blog tags.
  • Permissions: For excerpts of an article, book chapter, or an image that has been previously published, please ensure that you have received permission from the publisher. Please include credits and/or a link to the original publication at the beginning of the word document.
  • Profile: An author profile page will be created for contributors. Please send us a headshot, short bio., a list of research interests, and a link to your academic webpage and/or personal website.
  • Style: The written style of our posts varies from the formal to the conversational. In either case, supplement your content with links to news, websites, photos and YouTube videos to take full advantage of the online format. See an example here.
  • Citation of Posts: All original posts are provided with an MLA citation. Please quote this when citing the post.