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Yael Lazar

Yael Lazar has a PhD in Religious Studies from Duke University. She holds previous degrees in cultural studies and Asian studies from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University, respectively. In line with her interdisciplinary background, her research is located at the intersection of religious studies, media studies, and cultural studies, specializing in digital Hinduism. Her current work examines numerous conceptual and concrete networks. Studying Hindu adoption of digital media, Yael explores digital and mobile networks, addresses digital media’s public as networked, considers religions—specifically, Hinduism—as networks themselves, follows the actors who weave the Hindu web, and attempts to track the links that connect and disconnect the global and local along those networks. She is also the author of “Streaming the Divine: Hindu Temples’ Digital Journeys,” in Digital Hinduism, edited by Xenia Zeiler, forthcoming by Routledge, London.


Research Interests Digital religion, digital media & culture, religion & modernity, Hinduism, media adoption, cultural studies, religion & media

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